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Archive: Performance Weekend / 8th - 10th November 2013

Ilan Volkov, Maya Dunietz, Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) & Reiko.A, Angela Sawyer, Dinosaurs With Horns, Alessandro Bosetti, Dieter Schnebel (Q+A), Joachim Nordwall & Dan Froberg, Sons of God (Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred), DDAA, Richard Youngs & Luke Fowler & Neil Campbell Trio, Jooklo Duo, CM Hausswolff & Michael Esposito, Andy Guhl, Enzo Minarelli, Gen Ken Montgomery, Dan Melchior, Hans Clavin & GJ De Rook, SIndre Bjerga, Bridget Hayden, Makino Takashi, Gwilly Edmondez & THF Drenching & Posset, Poulomi Desai, Dog Lady Island, Kiko C. Esseiva & Vincent de Roguin, Jennifer Walshe & Tomomi Adachi, Spoils & Relics with Karen Constance, Acrid Lactations, Acchiappashpirt, Woven Skull, Occult Hand, Usurper & Dora Doll, Skin Graft, Greg Kelley & Dylan Nyoukis, Andie Brown & Sharon Gal, Primate Arena, Fordell Research Unit, Kenny Millions & Rat Bastard, The Y Bend, Roman Nose, M.Stactor, Tom White, Lorah Pierre & Ewa Justka, F Ampism, Psykick Dancehall, Derek Walmsley (Q+A) + Workshops + Films + More

Archive: Extended Programme / 2nd - 7th + 18th November 2013

Saturday 2nd at 2pm / Visual Scores Workshop with Lama Dalai at the Phoenix Gallery
Saturday 2nd at 7.30pm / Slouching Toward Avenue A -The Underground Unchained - A George Kuchar Odyssey with music, performance and rare Kuchar's at The West Hill Hall
Sunday 3rd at 6pm / Jeff Keen / White Dust / 18 Frames - First ever performance at Fabrica
Monday 4th at 7pm / COOS Panel led by Duncan Harrison at the Phoenix Gallery
Wednesday 6th at 8pm / Poetry Night with The Bohman Brothers, Daniel Spicer, Dylan Nyoukis's Walkman Quartet, Mandarin Splashback, Karl Waugh and more at the Blind Tiger Club
Thursday 7th at 8pm / New Experimental Japanese Cinema with Makino Takashi and Rei Hayama at Fabrica Gallery

Monday 18th November at 8.30pm / A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness with Ben Rivers at Duke of York


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Painting - Karen Constance