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Experimental Sound and Art

We hope you’re all safe and well. With COOS's Plague Time Television you can experience how lockdown has affected some of your favourite soundmakers from the UK and around the world. All five episodes, with almost 150 artists, are now online (see below) for further viewing and future study.

Live in your Head: We've also been uploading recordings from last year’s festival - they'll stay up for the duration. Follow the links and treat yourself to artist releases, downloads and micro-editions for further transcendent listening.

A huge thanks to everyone who’ve shared their shut-in moments, and to those airing live COOS performances. Colour Out of Space is back in 2021. We're willing it. Stay well - we’ll see you there!

Dora Doll - Episode Five

Episode One
Neil Campbell & Sticker Foster & Richard Youngs + DDAA + Rick Potts + Moniek Darge + Charlie Drahiem + Natalia Beylis + Teignmouth Electron + Usurper + Sophie Cooper & Jake Blanchard + Glands of External Secretion + Ian Murphy + Plastic Hooligans + Lief Elggren + Fritz Welch + Tom & Milly Roberts + More. View Here.

Episode Two
Bruce Russell, Ludo Mich, Kuupuu, BBBlood, Renato Grieco, Floris van Hoof, The Dan, Rakel & Klara Fröberg Experience, Jonnie Prey, Hannah Ellul, Luke Poot, Jérôme Noetinger & Liz Racz, Wol, Core of the Coalman/Kneeling Coats, DJ Foreign Extra featuring Adam Bohman, All Ords, Dylan Nyoukis, Food People & Adam Butcher, Fielding Hope & Silja Strøm, Manny Pads, Chie Mukai, {AN} EeL, Ash Reid, Nicolas Nicholas Langley, Lucian Tielens, Blue Spectrum, Marja-leena Sillanpää and Maths Balance Volumes. View Here

Episode Three
Forrest Friends, Ezio Piermattei & Chiara Fiori, Embla Quickbeam, Liz Albee, The Piss Superstition, Yoni SIlver, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Dog Lady, Shane Mcdonell, I'D M Theftable, Bob Desaulniers, The Nevari Butchers, Sami Pekkola, Posset, F.Ampism, Bren't Lewiis ensemble, Anla Courtis, The Bohman Brothers, Andie Brown, Slohhh Listener, Roy Claire Potter & Kieron Piercy, Reijo Pami and Porest. View Here

Episode Four
Amon Dude, Evil Moisture, Doreen Kutzke, Cloth, Aqua Dentata, Chick White, Lala Lu & Skull Mask, Witcyst, Ute Wassermann, Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina. Peter Fengler, Gussett Giblett, Feghoots, Alex Drool. Stewart Greenwood, This is Yvonne Lovejoy, Gen Ken Montgomery, Muyasser Kurdi, Mitchell Brown, Papal Bull, Sharkiface, Licker, Michael Zuclicki. Alice Kemp, Brandstifter, Herb Diamante. View Here

Episode Five
Beyt Al Tapes, Hearty White, LDSN, Elaine Mitchener, Mutant Beatnicks, Blood Stereo, Ecka Mordecai, Dora Doll, Iain Paxon & Ida, Grohs, Sippy Cup, Willie Stewart, Vlubä, The Bim Prongs, Plastic Containers of Nothing, Olivia Furey, Barry Esson, Odie Ji Ghast, Ed Shipsey, Modern Medicine, Khnaisser/Khnaisser/Robertson/Robertson/Sturm, Loner Club, Christian Butler-Zanetti, Michael Kemp, Sandy Milroy, Scott-Buccleuch/Sigmarsson/Sharpley, Chlorine, Dave Miko, Bleep Shapes, The Teleporters, Allanah Stewart, Zven Baslev, Cody Brant & Frances Young. View Here

The Burbling Mind
From COOS (8) at the Sallis Benney Theatre 28/4/19

Originally formed as a long distanced, sonic channeling into the the mind of Belgium artist Ludo Mich (setting the mood for a Brighton screening of Willie Stewart's Ludo doc), The Burbling Mind's Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis (Blood Stereo), James Parsons and Al Strachan reconvened on the closing night of COOS (8) for more group think via electronics, tapes, percussion, voice and cornet. Matt Dalby’s late night audio report puts it best: ‘Another highlight of the evening…sounds from within the forest or under your bed...we’ve cut off our ankle tags and buried them in the sea...’ Plus Herb Diamante dishes the dirt. Thanks to Tim Wilton for all recordings. Listen in below or open in new window

Previously: Stuart Chalmers & Tom White, Ernie K. Fegg, Af Ursin, Dan, Rakel and Klara Fröberg Experience, The Elks, Adam Bohmnan & Pat Thomas & Sami Pekkola & Yoni Silver - Listen Here

Thankyou to everyone who made COOS (8) one of our favourite years yet - three days and nights of performances, site-specific installations, exhibitions, panels, workshops and screenings. For a taster of what went on the big scroll down menu of performances and artists is just a click away, while Santiago's’s all-embracing weekend audio diary is here.

Two exhibitions ran throughout the festival; in ONCA we were honoured to present Unia Loimussa (Dreams inside a Blaze) - the first ever UK exhibition from visual artist, musician and Finnish underground lynchpin Jan Anderzen. While over in the Jubilee Library, What Was Music? featured twelve sound-collages created by local schoolchildren using samples sent from sound artists around the world. Workshops for the project were led by Ian Murphy and Duncan Harrison. Listen in below. Read more from both exhibitions here

Ash Reid & Ali Robertson were in residence at Phoenix Brighton over the weekend with ‘In The Future You’ll Be Able To Get All The Expensive Designer Wallpaper That Your Heart Desires For Free: Live from Lubberland’ - a radio series for and from the future. Working with audience members and COOS artists, it was recorded and edited daily and broadcast each night by Resonance Extra. You can visit all three Lubberland excursions here.


The weekend saw the first COOS daytime sonic-arts trail, featuring installations and site specific performances in Brighton landmarks including The Pepperpot (top) with Ian Helliwell, little known Follys such as The Tarner Tower (above) with Alice Kemp, and London Rd’s bustling Open Market with Ryoko Akama. Sights and sounds from the streets, alongside Resonace FM's Free University and Seymour Glass's Gonk Summit, will be online soon.

Currently sold out - though an original batch of large (50cm by 70cm), heavy-duty Council posters (as below) featuring the beautiful, cosmically attuned artwork of
Karen Constance, is making its way back to us and will be available soon.

A pre-fest sonic jaunt through what was to come by Dylan Nyoukis - artist + Chocolate Monk label boss.

COOS (8) featured: Glands Of External Secretion (USA) + Red Brut (NL) + Robert Ridley-Shackleton (UK) + Wild Rani (UK) + Charles Mitchener Duo (UK) + Ezio Piermattei (IT) + Ash Reid (UK) + Plastic Hooligans (UK) + Duncan Harrison (UK) + Ryoko Akama (JP) + Alice Kemp (UK) + Ian Helliwell (UK) + Julian Weaver (UK) + Plastic Containers Of Nothing (UK) + Bill Nace & Twig Harper (USA) + White Death (UK) + Pat Thomas (UK) & Adam Bohman (UK) & Sami Pekkola (FI) & Yoni Silver (IL) + The Elks (DK) + Beyt Al Tapes (BE) + AF Ursin (BE) + Ernie K Fegg (UK) + Tom White & Stuart Chalmers (UK) + Hiru Marsvin (UK) + Dai Coelacanth (UK) + Harappian Night Recordings (UK) + Joincey (UK) + Chie Mukai (JP) & Richard Youngs (UK) + Alvarius B (USA) + Papal Bull (UK) + Stewart Greenwood (UK) + Anne Gillis (FR) + Graham Lambkin (UK) & Áine O'Dwyer (IE) + Jérôme Noetinger (FR) + The Dan, Rakel and Klara Fröberg Experience (SW) + Olivier Brisson (FR) + Natalia Beylis (IE) + Tomutonttu (FI) + Lovely Honkey (UK) + Ed Baxter (UK) + Cathy Soreny (UK) + The Burbling Mind (UK)

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