Robert Ridley-Shackleton

COoS welcomes the cardbpard prince – the prolific, DIY visual artist, performer and musician, Robert Ridley-Shackleton. 'Tape loop manipulation, 50's rock n'roll chanting buried in swathes of enveloping noise. Pure expression erupts through layers of woozy, backwards pop and unholy reverb. A nose-dive through Suicide + Dirty Beaches’ grim electricity but shot with an extra sense of playfulness and an acute melodic sensibility. For those people thrilled by the extreme and in awe of the beautiful. A refreshing stroll through the derelict house of your dreams.' Resident

"Hello brighton and the world my name is rrs the cardboard prince and ive come to play with u. i was born in a very fine nice normal village and my body grew didnt it in fine nice normal villages nearby, ive always loved street fighter and can do all the moves, anyway, i decided i wanted to be a pop Star wen i had to choose an ocupation, thank u vega for helping me decide my career, 13 years and lots of painkillers later i present card funk 2 u, colour out of space, 2019, do u wanna gett off?" RRS


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